Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Loosen up!

A few weeks ago, our team did a workshop called
"Loosen up"
A course in textured haircutting.
Darren Jones from Canberra was the host, he was amazing!!
We learnt the foundations of a textured haircut.
 How to do a modern long layered haircut, and also short texturised cutting.
We all walked away so inspired and busting to get back into the salon, to test out our new techniques.
We cut hair everyday and sometimes we get in the pattern of doing similar cutting techniques on our clients, not anymore!!
 We have fresh ideas, and are looking forward to seeing you soon. Lisa x


  1. Kirsty used one of the new techniques in my last it! Oh so glad I have short hair again :) sp

  2. Fresh ideas and inspiration are essential for any hairdressing business to evolve.

    Well done on taking the team to a workshop to reinvigorate them all.