Sunday, March 7, 2010

Almost done.......

We are in....

All of our goodies are in the new shop yay!!

We still have a lot of unpacking, colour tubes and kitchen supplies which we are attacking tomorrow.

The electrician and plumber are finishing off their work tomorrow (Monday).

Then we will open our new doors for trading Tuesday morning.

The whole process has been a journey which we all will never forget.

My team of girls and myself now have new skills..

We can paint, build shelves, move furniture, design new layouts of shops, organise trades man to get things done, and keep doing clients hair through out the whole process.

Enjoy these photos of our salon nearly finished.

Lisa :)


  1. wow looks amazing, can't wait to get my hair done! Kate x

  2. Looks amazing...can't wait to get my hair done in the new salon. Kellie

  3. Brilliant, Lisa your new salon looks fantastic, congratulations x

  4. Fantastic, the word has spread,people are talking, congrats you are so inspiring Lisa.